25 Jan 2022

Rosehip Can Aid in Quick Muscle Recovery in Horses


It’s normal for a horse’s muscles to fatigue when they are exercised or trailered for long distances. The speed at which a horse recovers can vary depending on its age, diet, fitness and additional factors. Providing your active horse with proper nutrition is essential as they are burning energy and utilizing vitamins and minerals needed for muscle contraction and propulsion outside of the normal behavior they exhibit on their own in a pasture.

Horses are capable of incredible athletic performance and their bodies have countless physiological adaptations that enable them to withstand significant workloads. However, when horses endure these workloads, they require proper additional hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals to replenish lost nutrients and aid in recovery. Providing your horse with a daily all-natural supplement such as rosehip can help combat issues related to muscle recovery, inflammation and joint wear and tear. Rosehip provides a balanced source of trace minerals, omega fatty acids and targeted inflammation support through vitamin c and antioxidants to keep your horse fit, healthy and performing their best.

Here’s a look at some equine nutrition tips that will help your horse experience a smooth recovery after strenuous activities.

Nutrition Tips for Fast Horse Muscle Recovery

The following equine nutrition tips can help your horse’s muscles recover quickly after exercise or activity:

  1. Ensure that Your Horse is Properly Hydrated

Horses require plenty of fresh water for fast muscle recovery and performance. Without adequate water, blood circulation is negatively affected and nutrients cannot get where they need to go for repair, healing, and recovery. Ensure that your horse always has access to a freshwater source.

  1. Help Your Horse with Basic Conditioning

Proper conditioning can help your horse withstand more rigorous exercise and recover faster from muscle fatigue and damage. An important element of basic conditioning involves feeding your horse a well-balanced diet. If a horse does not receive a healthy diet and is not properly conditioned, physical activity could result in increased inflammation which can prolong the recovery period.

  1. Supplement Your Horse’s Diet with Trace Minerals

Horses that are routinely exercised or engage in physical activity have increased energy demands. In turn, these horses require additional trace minerals that aid in the recovery of strong muscles. Some of these essential trace minerals include:

  • Zinc – The trace mineral zinc plays a key role in nervous function and muscle contraction. Zinc is a component in more than 3,000 proteins and 300 enzyme systems, making it crucial for many basic cellular functions in the body.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium – These two elements act as antioxidants, helping to keep free radicals in check caused by oxidative stress. Horses can experience oxidative stress when their muscles are overworked without ample recovery.
  • Manganese – Manganese is an important trace mineral for the formation, maintenance, and repair of joints. In addition, the element copper aids in the formation of connective tissue, cartilage lining joints, and bones.
  • Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium – These three minerals are vital in the maintenance of nervous tissue and muscle function and communication.
  • Fats – Horses require fats to use as a main source of energy. The right fats can provide a gradual, energy-dense burn for sustained activity and endurance.
  • Protein – Supplemental protein may be needed to build and rebuild damaged muscle or hoof tissue. Provide your horse with adequate amino acids as part of a comprehensive nutrition plan. Avoid overfeeding your horse protein as the excess can cause reduced muscle glycogen supplies.
  1. Understand the Effect of Horse Trailering

Horses that are hauled or transported over a long distance can become fatigued. The constant motion of the trailer forces the horse to continually use its muscles to maintain balance. It is important to understand that horses that have been trailered may burn more energy than you realize, even though the horse is not moving.

Supplement Your Horse’s Diet with Organic Rosehip

Fast muscle recovery in horses relies heavily on good nutrition. Elite Equine organic rosehip supplement contains many key trace minerals, omega three fats, antioxidants and vitamin c that horses need to maintain optimal health and muscle repair. The vitamin c and antioxidants naturally found in rosehip help boost the immune system and provide targeted anti inflammation support. Additionally, trace minerals and omega three fatty acids provide the support horses need post workout. This natural supplement for horses provides ample support and aids in long-term joint health, muscle and soft tissue recovery, comfort, and mobility.