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Elite Equine is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, effective antioxidant and immune booster made of 100% organic Rosehip powder. Rosehip has been scientifically tested and has shown itself to reduce inflammation, protect cartilage, improve general health, and raise level of performance in horses. Elite Equine is BETA-NOPS/FEMAS approved, certified with The Rainforest Alliance and contains no additives or bulking agents.

Ingredients :

100% Organic Rosa Canina

Dosage :

One level scoop is sufficient for a 1300lb horse. We recommend load dosing for the first month to see results in as early as three weeks. Example: Give a 1300lb horse two scoops/day for the first month, then one scoop/day thereafter. Dividing the scoop: 325lbs = ¼ scoop, 650lbs = ½ scoop, 975lbs = ¾ scoop.

Directions :

Mix with food once daily


Additional information

Weight 6.25 lbs