Mme Mathoriso Williams

Traditional Basotho woman

Mme Mathoriso Williams

[mme – a respectful way to address an older woman in Sesotho, the official language of Lesotho]


Mme Mathoriso Williams (65) is one of nearly 3 500 harvesters, mostly female, who picks our rosehip by hand every season.  She has been part of the harvesting team for just over 4 years now.

Mme Mathoriso lives in Masemouse village in the Maluti Mountains.  Since her husband died in 1992 and her three boys left for South Africa to find employment, she has been looking after 2 of her grandchildren.

Her best friend passed away recently, but still that beautiful smile remains.  Together they used to tend to their vegetable gardens, but now she makes traditional grass brooms that is typical of the craftmanship of the Basotho people.  When the harvesting is finished, she sells these brooms in the village and next to the roads leading in and out of Lesotho.


Since mme Mathoriso became a part of the Rosehip family, she has been able to pay her grandchildren’s school fees, and provide in their basic needs.  A favourite that she always looks forward to when the harvest wages start to roll in, is chocolate! Her whole face lights up when she speaks about it.

Through harvesting rosehip, mme Mathoriso has managed to enlarge her grandchildren’s inheritance, providing not only for the here and now, but also for the future, by investing any extra money from harvesting into her broom business.