12 Jul 2022

Grooming horses for optimum health and happiness

Grooming is an important component of proper horse care. The benefits of grooming go beyond appearance alone. Regular grooming sessions provide owners with the opportunity to check their horses for bumps, cuts, ticks, and other problems. They also allow you to see if they are experiencing sensitivity in certain areas. In addition, grooming is the perfect time to check the animal’s eyes and nostrils for discharge and inspect the legs for scrapes or lesions.

There are several important aspects of a basic horse grooming routine. To keep your horse clean, healthy, and happy, consider the following steps:

  1. Start with a soothing massage

Grooming is a great opportunity to spend time and foster a connection with your horse. Instead of jumping straight into brushing, start with a short massage that will help your horse relax and prepare for work or turnout. Using a rubber curry comb, make circular motions on your horse’s coat. This will feel like a mini massage to your horse and can help boost blood flow and tone up his muscles. The rubbery curry comb can be used across the entire body to help create a beautiful shine. It will also loosen up dead fur which can be removed in later steps.

  1. Remove dirt and grease buildup

Your horse likely has an accumulation of dirt, grease, and debris in his coat. Getting rid of this debris requires the right supplies and some elbow grease. To loosen dirt and grease from the fur, use a hard bristle (or dandy) brush. This type of brush is sturdy enough to loosen soil buildup but gentle enough not to irritate the skin. Brush your horse in the direction of his hair growth. As you brush, flick your wrist at the end of each stroke to push the dirt away from the coat.

  1. Brush away loose hair and debris

Once you have gently scrubbed your horse’s coat with a stiff brush, move to a body brush. With a body brush, you can brush away any loose hair and debris that may be left from the previous steps. Always brush your horse’s hair in the direction of growth across the entire body. Use caution around sensitive areas, such as around the eyes. Brushing with a body brush creates the perfect finish of a soft, shiny coat.

  1. Pick out hooves and brush mane and tail

Using a hoof pick, thoroughly clean out each hoof, taking extra care to avoid sensitive areas such as the frog. Inspect for any rocks, debris or fungal hoof issues such as thrush. Once done with the feet, brush through the mane and tail to remove all tangles.

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