Elite Equine

Harnessing the Power of Rosehips from Lesotho's Rich Soils

Our superior organic equine health supplement is made from handpicked, wild-harvested rosehips, which is slowly oven-dried and ground into a tasty powder to unlock the unparalleled quality and potency. Our commitment to uncompromised excellence in our rosehips production ensures pure, powerful and effective results. Our on-the-ground engagement guarantees authenticity and traceability.

Our Harvesters

Rosehip harvesting takes place according to the natural growth cycle of the wild rosehips. As a result, the working season is dictated by atmospheric temperatures, how much rain the rosehips receive, and the amount of natural pollination that occurs when there is no outside interference. Since rosehips grow high in the Maluti Mountains in Lesotho, it makes sense that villagers in the surrounding areas would be the first to be employed. The Rosehip Company employs around 4000 Basotho individuals each year to manually gather the wild rosehip. Without the dedication of our harvesters, The Rosehip Company would not be the sustainable company it strives to become.

Our Mission

Caring for Your Equine Companion

Keep your equine friend happy and healthy by utilizing the power of high-quality, sustainable, and 100% natural rosehips. Elite Equine’s 100% organic rosehip supplement aims to offer support for the unique needs of your equine, whether it is to maintain good joint health, and post-event recovery in performance horses, or support and nurture for your senior horse.

Refreshingly Transparent

By elevating quality standards, we harness the results, efficacy, and potency of rosehips and therefore ensuring the best wellbeing and health for your beloved horse. We are committed to transparency and embracing sustainable practices, unveiling the benefits of control over our ingredients and process, from Field to Shelf, Source to Satisfaction. Free from fillers, bulking agents, additives, and banned substances. Elite Equine’s Rosehip is safe and approved for use in all competition environments.

British Equestrian Foundation: “Rosehip in its true form is NOT currently listed on the FEI prohibited substance list.”

US Equestrian Foundation: “Rosehip is permitted under the Therapeutic Substance Provision of US Equestrian’s Equine Drug and Medications Rule.”


What does it mean to be
Rainforest Alliance

We are Rainforest Alliance certified

So, Elite Equine is Rainforest Alliance certified. But, what does it mean to be Rainforest Alliance certified?

The Rainforest Alliance seal promotes collective action for people and nature. It amplifies and reinforces the beneficial impacts of responsible choices, from farms and forests all the way to the supermarket check-out. The seal allows you to recognize and choose products that contribute toward a better future for people and planet. Click here to find out more.

Proven Benefits of Rosehip

More Than Just Joint Support

While renowned for its ability to soothe achy joints, boost collagen production, and enhance synovial fluid for effortless movement, Elite Equine goes far beyond.

Immune System Fortification

Imagine a shield of antioxidants protecting your horse from free radicals and strengthening their natural defenses. That’s the power of Elite Equine’s rich Vitamin C and diverse bioflavonoid complex, supporting a robust immune system ready to tackle any challenge.

Peak Performance & Recovery

Whether your horse is a weekend warrior or a competition champion, Elite Equine provides the natural edge they need. Faster recovery times after intense training, reduced inflammation, and enhanced resilience ensure they bounce back stronger and perform at their best.

Holistic Wellness Inside and Out

The magic of rosehip extends beyond the musculoskeletal system. Expect:

  • Stronger blood vessels and nourished hooves thanks to the synergistic action of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.
  • Vibrant coat color and healthy skin reflecting internal balance and overall well-being.
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption for optimal internal harmony.
  • Reduced allergic reactions for comfortable breathing and a happy horse.

Nature’s Gentle Power

Crafted with 100% organic, hand-harvested rosehips from Lesotho, Elite Equine is free from fillers, bulking agents, and additives. Safe for all horses, it’s a gentle yet potent force for lasting health and vitality.

The Science

Rosehip, the single ingredient in Elite Equine, has been scientifically tested and evidence has shown a number of benefits. It not only improves general health, protects cartilage, and reduces inflammation but also promotes the general performance of horses.

The following are just some of the studies that have been done on rosehip in its different parts and particles:

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  • Kharazmi A, Winther K. Rose hip inhibits chemotaxis and chemiluminescence of human peripheral blood neutrophils in vitro and reduces certain inflammatory parameters in vivo. Inflammopharmacology. (1999)
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