Month: July 2022

30 Jul 2022

Supporting your arthritic senior with Elite Equine

Just like their human riders, horses can develop arthritis in their senior years. Arthritis is a type of degeneration of the articular surfaces of the joint, typically caused by inflammation. Over time, horses put wear and tear on their joints, especially those that perform competitively. As horses reach their senior years, their bodies are not […]

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22 Jul 2022

Combating swelling in legs with Elite Equine

Discovering swelling in your horse’s leg can be a nerve-wracking experience. This symptom can be especially concerning when accompanied by lameness, elevated body temperature, and warmth in the hoof or leg. A swollen leg in a horse, sometimes referred to as ‘stocking up,’ is a condition that can have many causes, ranging from minor to […]

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12 Jul 2022

Grooming horses for optimum health and happiness

Grooming is an important component of proper horse care. The benefits of grooming go beyond appearance alone. Regular grooming sessions provide owners with the opportunity to check their horses for bumps, cuts, ticks, and other problems. They also allow you to see if they are experiencing sensitivity in certain areas. In addition, grooming is the […]

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