Month: September 2021

21 Sep 2021

Working from the bottom up; how proper hoof care can make a difference in equine well-being

Ever heard the adage, “no hoof, no horse?” This old saying affirms the importance of proper hoof care. Weak, damaged or overgrown hooves can mean the difference between a horse running unhindered in the pasture and a lame one that experiences pain and discomfort. Horse’s hooves are continuously worn down through movement. With the average […]

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14 Sep 2021

Keeping it real (and natural): herb supplements that aid in common equine health issues.

In today’s world, people are more thoughtful about what they and their animals consume. Medicines and supplements made in a lab have long lists of unnatural, hard to pronounce ingredients and unwelcome side effects. The appeal of natural ingredients to aid in common health issues is growing, and people are starting to realize “less is […]

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07 Sep 2021

Seven tips to keep your older horse fit and healthy

“Give a horse what he needs, and he will give you his heart in return.” -Anonymous. Horses are living longer than ever before due to advances in management and veterinary care. The average lifespan of today’s horses is 25- 30 years old, with many still enjoying life far past thirty years. Advancing age can lead […]

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