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Our 100% Rosehip supplement offers support for the horse’s own anti-inflammatory process and immune system. Made from the Rosa Canina plant, and wild harvested by hand from the rich soils of Lesotho, Elite Equine is both a 100% natural and organic equine health supplement.

Elite Equine aims to offer support for stiff joints, older horses requiring additional support to maintain good joint health, and post event recovery in performance horses.



Rosehips possess natural antioxidant properties that act to soak up excess free radicals which in turn helps to support the horse’s immune system. Fed to horses they can offer beneficial effects in supporting and maintaining joint health and suppleness.

Vitamin C

Rosehips are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C. The powerful Vitamin C and antioxidant combination provides additional support to the horse’s immune system. Rosehips are also a rich source of Vitamins E, D and A that helps to support the immune system through their antioxidant properties.


Bioflavonoids contained within Rosehips support Vitamin C’s ability to help support strong blood vessels, and this in turn encourages healthy hoof growth in horses. Bioflavonoids also play a key role in supporting the horse maintain a healthy immune system.


Studies have shown that the galactolipid present in rosehips, supports the synthesis and restoration of collagen. Collagen assists in the natural formation of connective tissue and cartilage.


The Biotin found within Rosehips helps to assist and maintain the growth of healthy new hoof. Biotin not only supports healthy hooves and bones but helps to maintain a healthy mane, tail and coat.


100% natural and organic, Elite Equine is a cost-effective supplement for those looking to support and maintain all-round good health in their horses. The special glycoside found in Rosehip aids long term joint health, mobility, and comfort. Free from fillers, bulking agents, additives, and banned substances. Elite Equine is safe and approved for use in all competition environments.

See why others LOVE Elite Equine!

Angela Princell
My horses have never felt better after using Elite Equine. This product is the perfect addition to a High-end Peformance program. Thank you for making my horses feel great!
Cody Wood
I work with a large Equestrian company. Many of our members have used Elite Equine. It has been amazing! The horses are responding in a big way! They seem to be more athletic, recover quicker, and even more alert. This is truly an outstanding product for our beloved horses!
Paige Ziegler
Sammie brought me this product and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am in New Mexico where it is sweltering in the summer and the horses have limited shade. I gave this to my old man quarter horse, my mare and thoroughbred gelding. I have never seen their coats look so shiny and beautiful even with the sun on them so frequently. Their manes are so long too and they don’t seem to rub them out as much. My old man has been moving better, frisky, and seems like he’s had all around improvement. I’m really pleased with the results and will absolutely continue feeding this to my horses.
Jordyn Clarke
Really impressed with this product! We put a couple of horses on The Elite Equine Rosehip Supplement as a trial. Within a couple of weeks, we were already starting to see a difference. One of our horses has chronic skin allergy issues, and within two weeks you could tell she was more comfortable. Since starting the Rosehip, we have not had to give her any supplemental allergy medications. On top of that, as an older horse, she has come out looser and more ready to work than I have seen her in the time she has been in our program. We also put a younger thoroughbred project in the trial. She has really turned a corner. Her coat looks excellent, and she has begun to really put on the correct muscle we have been looking for. Would absolutely recommend this product, and we will be adding it into the diets of more of our horses!
Kristine Hardwick
Very pleased with the product. Pancho was able to come off of his daily Equiox pill. He feet have also never grown so quickly even during the cold winter months. He can be a picky eater but that wasn't the case with this supplement. Highly recommend!!
Kalvin Dobbs
We started our older horses on Elite Equine supplements early last year, and it has made quite the difference. They have felt much stronger and have had a lot more energy. 10/10 definitely recommend
valerie levay
I've been using the Elite Equine Rosehip supplement for about three month and I couldn't be more pleased. My OTTB had dry & brittle hooves & suffered from chronic abscesses. He has a few old injuries which resulted in him being stiff moving for the first 10-15 minutes of every ride. Since taking the Rosehip supplement his hooves have improved tremendously (no more cracking, lost shoes or abscesses). He now warms up very quickly, and moves more freely. To top it off he now has the softest, shiniest velvet-like coat. Highly recommend. My Rep, Sammy is the best. She stayed in touch and followed up on my horses progress and was always available for questions. Excellent product and excellent customer service. Thank you Elite Equine!
Eva Kohn
Great product, helped my horses feel their best! Elite Equine supplement helped keep my horses in top form while rehabbing and competing. Both horses' coats were glowing and their appetites were much better while on the supplement.
M. Brown
I love this product! I will say that I was skeptical at first. I wasn't sure how something as simple as Rosehip could help my horse. After about a month of using Elite Equine I noticed my 14 year old Hanoverian came out of her stall less stiff, her warm up trot had more spring, and her overall demeanor was more lively. I am now a firm believer in this product and have shared with all of my clients and friends!
Summer Keeney
Elite Equine has been a great addition to my horse Piper's diet. Her feet have never looked better and she hasn't shown any signs of stiffness in her movement since starting on the product. I love that there are no added ingredients, and that the rosehips are properly dried in a way that helps them retain their high dose of Vitamin C!


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